PT DAHANA (Persero) was re-nominated as a candidate to receive the TOP CSR 2021 award held by Top Business Magazine. DAHANA’s President Director Budi Antono, attended the online judging interview session and presentation on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.


During the online session Budi explained that DAHANA’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program is run in parallel to its business strategies. DAHANA’s CSR program covers three fields, namely the fields of health, nature conservation and social affairs.


“DAHANA’s CSR program is sustainable. In our health sector, we have a stunting eradication program given in Sadawarna Village, Subang. In the field of nature conservation there is a community biogas production program organized coin the cattle farm cluster, while DAHANA’s social community runs an economic empowerment program and construction of clean water facilities for the community, ”explained Budi.


Budi continued that DAHANA’s CSR program is equipped with a CSV (Creating Shared Value) aspect, for example, the CSR which gives birth to fostered partners who are able to export their products.


“DAHANA’s fostered partners have been able to export handicrafts to Germany, charcoal to Saudi Arabia, and in February 2021, DAHANA’s partners participated in an international coffee exhibition in Dubai,” said Budi.


According to Budi, Dahana gets the benefit from such CSR that includes CSV, among others is he existence of global export products from fostered partners which also helps elevates DAHANA’s reputation to some extent.


“It is for sure that the local community get the benefit of such a CSR program, in this case, an increase in economic value for the community, to produce environmentally friendly products that are ready for export, ”continued Budi.


On this occasion, Budi also conveyed a number of DAHANA’s steps in carrying out its CSR program during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to him, DAHANA’s entire board of directors has been  directly involved in the CSR program.


“We have several forms of CSR activities, namely delivery of PPE (personal protective equipment), spraying of cleaning fluids to places of worship, educational facilities, public facilities and distribution of basic food packages to the community and others,” said Budi Antono.


Currently, DAHANA’s CSR budget amount to 2% of net profit. “What a coincidence that during the Covid-19 pandemic, DAHANA became a strategic industrial SOE that remained profitable,” Budi concluded.