During the event for a coordination meeting for Aircraft Flare Material Development Research), the Chief of Indonesian Air Force Research and Development Agency and his staff visited the Energetic Material Center owned by PT DAHANA (Persero) in Subang, West Java on Friday, February 26, 2021.


The Air Force Research and Development entourage was provided with related material presentation from Shahibudin Ma’ruf, the Military Explosive Engineering & Development Manager with regards to DAHANA’s availability for collaboration with the Air Force Research and Development Agency for development of  flares for use in Sukhoi fighter aircraft. Apart from receiving the material presentation, the group also had the opportunity to witness the flare trial process at DAHANA’s quality testing facility.


Meanwhile, the Chief of Air Force’s Research and Development Agency, Air Commodore Farrid Hidayat H., S.T., M.Tr. (Han) hoped that the cooperation between his agency and and DAHANA in developing the flares for the Air Forces’s Sukhoi fighter aircrafts can run smoothly and with the expected results.


“After we reviewed it, we concluded that DAHANA is able to develop flares to meet the needs of the Indonesian Air Force’s Sukhoi fighter aircraft,” said Farrid.


PT DAHANA (Persero) as a state-owned company engaged in high-energy materials does not only produce commercial explosives for mining and construction needs, but is also capable of producing explosive products for the military sector. DAHANA’s military explosives products include the P-100L, P-250L, P-500L bombs used in the Indonesian Air Force’s Sukhoi fighter aircraft, R-Han-450 Rockets, R-Han 122B Rockets (working together in the National Rocket Consortium) and launching car for Rhan-122B rocket, and other types of military explosives.