DAHANA’s Bikers Community (Kombi) worked in collaboration with the Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit to provide assistance to children at the Adz Dzikru Mosque, Cilacap. This Ride for Charity activity is an annual agenda for the DAHANA motorbike youth community. This year’s event was held in Cilacap, on Saturday, September 30, 2023.

Chairman of Kombi DAHANA, Ian Rendy Sebayar said that Ride for Charity is Kombi’s annual agenda to commemorate DAHANA’s anniversary. This year, Kombi took the route of Subang, Ciamis, Banjar, Cilacap, Pangandaran, Tasikmalaya, and returned to Subang, covering approximately 330 km starting Friday, 29 September 2023.

“On Saturday, we are only able to provide assistance to children at the Adz Dzikru Mosque in Cilacap. This location was chosen because it was close to PT DAHANA’s operational area, namely the SBI Cilacap site. “We hope that through this small activity, we can provide good benefits for the environment in the company’s operational areas and also raise the enthusiasm of Kombi DAHANA members themselves to share their good fortune in any form,” said Mr Sebayar.

Meanwhile, SER unit Chairman Eman Suherman explained that this assistance was the Company’s commitment to progress and develop together with the communities around the company’s operational areas, such as in Cilacap, which happened to be the destination of the DAHANA Bikers Community tour.

The assistance which came in in the form of illustrated Islamic story books for ages 6 – 13 years was handed over directly by Mr Suherman and Mr Sebayar to the Head of the Adz Dzikru Cilacap Mosque Qur’an Education Club (TPQ). TPQ also welcomed the arrival and assistance provided by DAHANA.

Mr Suherman hoped that this activity can elevate awareness of DAHANA employees who have always taken part in social activities carried out by the company. In addition to that, he hoped that the assistance will be useful and raise more children’s encouragement in learning at the TPQ Adz Dzikru Mosque.

“We hope that with this assistance, the TPQ Adz Dzikru Mosque students will grow more learning enthusiasm, and ultimately become a generation with noble morals, as conveyed by the Ministry of SOEs through the AKHLAK core values,” said Mr Suherman.