PT DAHANA Site Project Adaro Indonesia received the Utama Award for their outstanding performance in Standardization of Management and Mining Services Business in the Mineral and Coal Mining Services Company Category from the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM).

In addition to that, the PT Bukit Asam (PTBA) Site Project and the PT Antang Gunung Meratus (AGM) Site Project received the Pratama Award. The award was received by Sonny Marindo, acting manager of Site Project Adaro Indonesia at the Good Mining Practice (GMP) event at the Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta on Friday, 29 September 2023. Also present were Dahana Operations Director Yusep Nugraha and VP Energetic Material Center Dahana, Dadan Munawar.

The Director of Engineering and Environment, Mineral and Coal, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Sunindyo Suryo Herdadi, reported in his speech that the GMP award was present for the fourth time since 2020. As for its related implementation, GMP is carried out by prioritizing the principles of transparency and accountability, and therefore this award is a reflection of the good performance of mining companies.

“This activity is also a form of appreciation to the Company’s outstanding performance in 2022, as a form of increasing motivation and good performance in the future. “We hope we can continue to improve the principles of good mining engineering management in the future. This this activity is one of the benchmarks for the government’s success in providing guidance to the mineral and coal subsector,” said Mr Herdadi.

Mr Herdadi added than in GMP 2023, the committee involved a team of competent and professional assessors, both in documentation assessment and field checks. This year, GMP was attended by 13 companies holding work contracts, 33 companies with work agreements for coal mining, 30 companies with foreign investment mining business permits, 224 companies with domestic investment permits, 9 companies with special mining business permits as a continuation of operations, and 65 permits mining services business.

Meanwhile, the aspects of assessment include technical management of mineral and coal mining management, safety management, environmental management, conservation implementation, standardization management and mineral and coal mining services businesses. The assessment process is divided into three stages namely self-assessment, verification by the assessment team, and the process of determining award winners.

DAHANA’s Director of Operations, Yusep Nugraha, welcomed this achievement. Mr Nugraha said that this award is proof of DAHANA’s commitment to implementation good mining principles. He hoped that this award can increase consumer confidence and all Company’s stakeholders.

“We would like to thank DAHANA’s people for the award. This award is the result of everyone’s good performance, from top management to all levels,” said Mr Nugraha.

In this event, DAHANA was the only blasting services company that received the Utama Award. Mr Nugraha hoped that the award will not make DAHANA’s people complacent, but continues to provide superior performance in every business and ultimately this award will be a blessing for the and employees.

“This award is a gift ahead of PT DAHANA’s 57th anniversary celebration,” Mr Nugraha concluded.