PT DAHANA lent a hand in the form of ‘troops’ of the Company’s millennial generation and cleaning equipment to the “Subang United for Cleaning of Urban Secondary Channels, Realizing Solidarity and Environmental Cleanliness” program organized by the Subang Regency Government, on Friday, July 5, 2024.

Head of Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) of PT DAHANA, Eman Suherman also appreciated the program initiated by Subang Regency Environmental Service. Mr Suherman said that the river clean-up action has the same spirit as the Company’s commitment to increasing public awareness of the environment.

DAHANA’s involvement in this event is also a form of concern for maintaining cleanliness and beauty of the river in hoping that the river ecosystem can be well maintained, and ultimately will bring benefits to the wider community, especially those living around the river area.

“Participation in the secondary river clean-up action is an implementation of the SDGs environmental pillar. This activity is a socialization to increase public awareness that dumping garbage into rivers is not a good thing. Hopefully, the example of this clean-up can be a trigger for collective awareness that maintaining and caring for rivers is a good thing and crucial to maintain human survival,” said Mr Suherman.

As is known, DAHANA is an Indonesian explosives company that has a special concern for the environment. This is proven by the establishment of the Central Management Office which received a Green Building Level Platinum certificate from the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI), product innovation and green regulations, and actively participates in environmental activities.

In line with Eman, M. Rizky Ceaser, one of the DAHANA millennials who participated in the river clean-up action, explained that maintaining river cleanliness is very important, considering that Subang is prone to flooding and was once an area with a high level of dengue fever.

“Hopefully the clean-up of the secondary urban channels can minimize flooding and help the people of Subang to live comfortably and avoid health problems,” said Mr Ceaser.