PT DAHANA (Persero)

No. 61/SP.DHN/XI/2021


In order to meet the needs of Indonesia’s Main Weapon System (Alutsista), PT DAHANA (Persero) in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Defense’s Board for Research and Development develops the R-Han 450 rocket. This time, both parties conducted a Static Test at the Pameungpeuk Rocket Launching Station, West Java on Friday, 29 October 2021.


The test was attended by Dahana’s Director of Technology & Development Suhendra Yusuf RPN, Head of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense’s Research and Development, Air Vice Marshal of the Indonesian Armed Forces, Julexi Tambayong, Head of the Center for Rocket Technology, Dr. Heru Supriyatno, M.Eng and a team from Dahana, the Indonesian Ministry of Defense and the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN).


Previously, the rocket, which originally called RX 450, has gone through various stages of testing and development and has now reached stages I-IV FY 2021. This static test aims to find out and obtain value data in terms of construction and equipment aspects, capabilities and smooth operation as well as the value of pressure, thrust, burning time, and specific impulse of the latest design of R-Han 450.


Dahana’s Director of Technology & Development Suhendra Yusuf RPN said the momentum of the rocket launch which was close to DAHANA’s 55th Anniversary, is a remembrance of the forerunner of Dahana which was born as the embryo of the Indonesian Air Force, especially in the Winning Project, where the next rocket construction was carried out in Tasikmalaya.


“After struggling with the commercial explosives business for a long time, DAHANA has returned to its origin work on the defense sector. Dahana is now capable of making bombs for Sukhoi aircraft, plastic bombs and now rockets and launchers,” said Mr Yusuf.


The rocket produced by domestic experts is expected to have a flying mission with a minimum range of 100 km. During the static test process, the implementation team has provided various kinds of preparations to make sure that the test takes place safely, and obtains maximum results, by providing an announcement of a state of danger to the public, as well as inspection of all R-Han 450 Rocket equipment prior to testing.


Currently, DAHANA is innovating in all its business lines, including the construction of the Ammonium Nitrate Plant in Bontang, East Kalimantan, Initiating Devices, and the Propellant Industry which will later become raw materials for Small Caliber Munitions and Large Caliber Munitions for defense and security stakeholders.


Propellant is a bullet or rocket propulsion material, which is the major component of munitions for Small Caliber Munitions (MKK) and Large Caliber Munitions (MKB), and rocket fuel. So far, the domestic needs have been imported thus burdening the country’s foreign exchange and prone to embargoes. In fact, the government through Presidential Regulation no. 8 of 2021 concerning the General Policy of State Defense for 2020-2024 states that one of the key technological mastery targets for the 2020-2024 priority program is propellant. The construction of the propellant factory creates the independence of the upstream national defense industry, creates a deterrent effect, multiplier effect, guarantees the supply of munitions and import substitution.




July Jajuli

Public Relations & Institutional Manager

PT DAHANA (Persero)


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