PT DAHANA (Persero) won a public information disclosure award in the “Towards Informative” category organized by the Central Information Commission (KIP). The announcement of the award for monitoring and evaluation (monev) on the implementation of public information disclosure was attended by 337 public bodies, and was held in a hybrid way through a virtual meeting on Tuesday, October 26, 2021.


DAHANA is one of the public bodies that has successfully upgraded from the “Less Informative” category in 2020 to “Towards Informative” this year. Until now, DAHANA continues to innovate in terms of dissemination of company information to the public through the company portal which provides information related to products, company activities, CSR, to DAHANA’s annual book report. In addition, there is a PPID column makes it easier for the public to get access into the company information.


“This achievement is a step forward to continue to provide the best information services to Dahana stakeholders,” said Ahyanizzaman, Director of Finance, Risk Management and HR.


In the event which was attended by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia KH Ma’ruf Amin, Chairman of the Central Information Commission (KIP) Gede Narayana conveyed that public information disclosure in Indonesia has undergone changes leading to improvements in terms of management and service of public information as mandated by the Central Information Commission regulations as there has been in increase in the number of informative and towards informative public bodies and the decrease in the number of public bodies with quite informative, uninformative and less informative status compared to 2020.


Previously, last May, DAHANA along with the Defense Industry State-Owned Enterprises visited the Central Information Commission in order to study Public Information Disclosure. The study covered matters to be informed to the public and information that cannot be conveyed to the public considering that the Defense Industry SOEs are related to national security and defense.


“The good news is, all of the 5 SOEs in the Defense Industry Cluster have leveled up towards a better level than last year,” concluded Mr Ahyanizzaman.