The qibla of Indonesian explosives company PT DAHANA held a Collaborative Waste Management event through utilizing Appropriate Technology of Waste Destruction Machines (MPS100) with Cibogo Vocational High School, National Agency for Research and Innovation, and Subang Regency Government. This event was held on Wednesday, 16 August 2023 at SMKN Cibogo Subang.

Head of the Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit of PT DAHANA, Eman Suherman, said that this program is the follow-up of the 31 May meeting at the Subang’s National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) office. The Pentahelix program involves PT DAHANA, BRIN, and SMKN Cibogo Subang.

“DAHANA has been mandated by the government to run CSR in the environment around the Company. This activity is a sustainable program in the environmental sector. In the previous year DAHANA held a waste management innovation competition result which can be implemented in this activity. The point of this program, one of them, is the handling efforts that starts from the upstream, namely household waste,” said Mr Suherman.

BRIN Main Expert Researcher Ari Sudaryanto also expressed support for the waste management program. He said that this collaboration is very good for the environment as it involves only simple tools. He also conveyed that BRIN has opened a wide space for future collaboration, not only limited to waste handling, but also the use of technology for fisheries and animal husbandry that has in fact been mastered by BRIN.

Meanwhile, Head of Waste Reduction Section of the Subang Regency Environmental Office, Dewi Puspitasari, said that the Subang Regency government really appreciates DAHANA’s initiative in such collaborative program. She added that the waste problem is one of the serious problems experienced by Subang.

The headmaster of SMKN Subang Ade Suhedin emphasized this. He hoped that this collaborative waste management program through appropriate technology for waste destruction machines can help overcome the waste problem in Subang, especially in the Sadawarna Village area, in which DAHANA and CIbogo Vocational School operate.

“We would like to thank all parties involved in the collaborative waste management, including DAHANA, BRIN, Subang Government, and students at Cibogo Vocational High School, especially to DAHANA who always provides support to Cibogo Vocational High School,” concluded Mr Suhedin

As a company with the most complete explosives facilities in ASEAN, DAHANA has a great commitment to the surrounding environment, especially Cibogo Vocational High School. In the past few years DAHANA has successfully delivered collaborative programs for Cibogo Vocational High School students, such as creation of a Nursery Edu Park as a learning platform for students majoring in agriculture and fisheries, provision of animal husbandry equipment, computer assistance, and various other assistance on an annual basis.