PT DAHANA gave In-house training for drilling and blasting under the theme of with “Drilling and Blasting Technology Solutions to Improve Blasting Safety Performance”. This event was a form of the Company’s commitment to providing the best service to consumers. The training was held at Hotel Fugo Samarinda, on Thursday, 10 August 2023.

PT DAHANA’s GM General Mining Division 1, Herry Sudaryanto said that at PT Multi Harapan Utama project site, PT DAHANA was entrusted with providing blasting services, ranging from preparation of explosives permits, delivery of explosives, to blasting services.

“The in-house training is carried out as a form of PT DAHANA’s commitment to consumers for provision of the best service. This In-house training is expected to provide an overview regarding the development of drilling and blasting technology in the mining industry,” said Mr Sudaryanto.

Apart from the blasting services, PT DAHANA also supports PT MHU in the application of utilization of Toxic and Hazardous Materials (used oil) up to 100% for explosive, thereby increasing the added value of PT DAHANA’s services to PT MHU in support toPT PT MHU’s efficiency program.

PT DAHANA’s environmental friendly explosives technology program was selected as the winner of the 2022 M.E.D.I.I.A from PT MHU, as this product has contributed to MHU’s PROPER assessment in view of compliance with environmental regulations and achieving environmental excellence.

Mr Sudaryanto added that the in-house training was attended by all PT MHU departments from the management level, production, HSE (Health, Safety & Enviro), external, and partners (Mining Contractors) at PT MHU namely, PT AMM ( PT Antareja Mahada Makmur), PT CK (PT Cipta Kridatama), PT MTN (PT Madhani Talatah Nusantara), and PT PST (PT Putra Sarana Transborneo).

“It is our hope that the implementation of this in-house training can provide additional knowledge and insight regarding drilling and blasting activities to all present training participants, especially for drilling and blasting executors at PT MHU and its partners, to make sure it can improve the performance of drilling and blasting activities at PT MHU for even better in the future,” concluded Mr Sudaryanto.

As is known, PT DAHANA provides full and comprehensive blasting services for various conditions and needs, whether for bench blasting, trench blasting, tunnel blasting, cautious blasting, or underground blasting. PT DAHANA’s experience in this field ensures that consumers get the best results and experience. The use of PT DAHANA’s products in integrated services also ensures the quality of the explosives and allows customization for each blasting condition so as to provide the most effective and safe results.