PT DAHANA hosted the PAM & HSE meeting of the SOEs Defense Industry which is part of the DEFEND ID Holding. The meeting was chaired by Head of Safety & Security PT Len Industri (Persero) Major General (Ret.) Heri Safari and held on 22 December 2023 at the DAHANA Subang Campus Training Building.

PT DAHANA Corporate Secretary Ahmad Fachruddin in his remarks as host said the DAHANA Energetic Material Center area is one of the vital national objects which houses state assets and strategic businesses which must be strictly safeguarded.

“Therefore, the task of the security team at Obvitnas (national vital object) is to provide a sense of security to the public and visitors. Security is very important, however, we need to remember that a peaceful and measured approach is the key to ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and safe with this Obvitnas,” said Mr Fachruddin.

In practice, PT DAHANA collaborates with various parties such as the Indonesia’ Armed Forces and the Police in securing Obvitnas. This collaboration includes security patterns, security standard configuration, security implementer capability standards, security audit management and supervision and control.

Mr Fachruddin explained that several principles are applied by DAHANA in securing Obvitnas which includes: Security, namely freedom from physical disturbances; then Surety, freedom from worry; Safety, freedom from risk, and peace, which the creation of peace and comfort.

Meanwhile, Major General (Ret.) Heri Safari conveyed that this meeting was a regular monitoring and evaluation within the Security and HSE of DEFEND ID Holding environment.

“Today’s event at DAHANA is the fourth meeting after previously being held at PT Len Industri (Persero), PT Pindad, and PT PAL Indonesia in Surabaya,” said Mr Safari.

Through this meeting, in addition to the establishment of collaboration related to PAM and HSE within DEFEND ID Holding members, Mr Safari wished to create a security standardization formula for the defense industry which has been submitted to the Indonesian Ministry of Defense through Director General of Defense Potential. Heri also expressed his gratitude for DAHANA’s willingness to host the PAM and HSE DEFEND ID Meeting this December 2023.