Approaching the long holiday of Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024 (Nataru), DAHANA has started to increase security scheme around the Company’s premises. This was conveyed by DAHANA Security Manager Eka Bagus, at DAHANA Campus in Subang, on Friday, 22 December 2023.

Mr Bagus said that the aim of securing Nataru was the Company’s effort to increase security awareness and preparedness in the Company’s vicinity for the long Christmas and New Year holidays, considering that the holiday might trigger some security vulnerabilities and crowds on the main road in front of the PT DAHANA Campus.

“We have implemented some necessary steps including the rigging of three temporary guard posts along the front route of the Company, stationing guard officers at these temporary guard posts to secure and regulate traffic in front of the company in case of congestion due to crowds and heavy traffic, assigning additional internal personnel reinforcements ( Security) and Military/Police (External) to stand by security and Patrol Teams, as well as increasing overall security patrols,” said Mr Bagus. 

Mr Bagus also explained that the Nataru holiday is a moment full of joy and togetherness. Therefore, increasing security around the company is a step to provide a feeling of security to the public and guests celebrating the long Christmas holiday.

DAHANA has prepared a security team equipped with AKHLAK core values in hoping that they apply the approach in a relax, measured and non-excessive approach to make sure that the Company which is in fact a part of National Vital Object (Obvitnas) can be in a safe condition which brings friendly atmosphere to the community.

Mr Bagus hoped that security and increased awareness of the surroundings will not only be carried out by the security team, but also all related parties, both DAHANA people and the surrounding community, to work together to bring a sense of security and convenience during the Nataru celebration.

“Finally, let’s celebrate this Christmas with a spirit of togetherness and brotherhood. I am sure that with the cooperation of all parties, we can create a positive and safe atmosphere for every individual celebrating the big days. “Thank you for the attention and cooperation from all elements of society,” concluded Mr Bagus.