PT DAHANA organized Online Single Submission – Risk Based Approach (OSS – RBA) training and Investment Activity Reporting (LKPM). The training was carried out in collaboration with the Subang District One-Stop Investment & Services Agency (PMPTSP) who sent a team of speakers. The event was held in a hybrid manner at the Dahana Subang Campus Smart Room on 24 July 2023.

In his remarks, PT DAHANA’s Senior Manager Legal and Corporate Communication, Juli Jajuli said that the event was intended to increase employee understanding on OSS-RBA and LKPM, and how OSS-RBA and LKPM can be benefitted by DAHANA to improve efficiency and effectiveness in licensing and investment services in the regions.

“We are all here today, not only to learn but also share knowledge on the importance of OSS-RBA and LKPM which are two important instruments in our economy. The OSS-RBA and LKPM systems are important because they serve to facilitate the licensing process for business actors and to ensure transparency and efficiency in investment management in the regions,” Mr Jajuli said.

As specified in Government Regulation Number 5 of 2021 on Implementation of Risk-Based Business Licensing and Letter of the Minister of Investment/Head of BKPM Number 1342/A.1/2021, OSS-RBA is a system that integrates all business licensing services under the authority of Ministers/Heads of Institutions, Governors or Regents/Mayors which are carried out electronically.

The team of Subang Regency’s PMPTSP Service was led by Yusep Saepullah and introduced OSS-RBA, basic requirements for business licensing, OSS RBA system flow, implementation of business licensing, migration of OSS 1.1 accounts to OSS RBA, how to fill in business data permits in OSS, and how to fill out the LKPM report method.

In the training, DAHANA involved various work units within the Company to study OSS-RBA and LKPM.