Indonesian explosives company PT DAHANA attended the 2023 IPA Convention & Exhibition (Convex). PT DAHANA offered explosives products and services in activities organized by the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) on 25 – 27 July 2023, at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD in Tangerang.

PT DAHANA’s Director of Operations, Yusep Nugraha said for this exhibition PT DAHANA brought superior products of oil and gas sector such as Dayagel seismic and Shaped Charge, as well as Integrated Explosives Services for the Oil and Gas Sector.

“Until now, PT DAHANA, with its various experiences and superior explosives, is optimistic that it can get a wider market in the oil and gas sector. We also congratulate the IPA for organizing the IPA Convex 2023. We hope that the event will run smoothly from beginning to the end and can contribute to the revival of the Indonesia’s economy,” said Mr Nugraha during the exhibition (25/07).

He added that Integrated Explosives Services for the Oil and Gas Sector is a superior service offered by PT DAHANA. Apart from providing explosives for seismic surveys, PT DAHANA also provides licensing services, explosives mobilization, warehousing, and the destruction of unused explosives.

Explosives in the oil and gas sector is usually used during seismic surveys, namely oil and gas exploration methods to determine the subsurface structure or the sub-surface of the earth’s layers. The results of the seismic survey, in the form of sub-surface data, will then be further analyzed to determine whether there is potential for oil and gas hydrocarbons.

As for search for new oil and gas fields, seismic surveys are usually carried out in the middle of forests or in swamps in which a formidable team is required. PT DAHANA with proven and certified human resources offers excellent an advantage in serving consumers in the oil and gas sector.

“In the midst of increasing energy needs, oil and gas exploration is increasingly required. Owing to its various experiences and advantages in human resources and explosives products, PT DAHANA can be the best choice for consumers engaged in the oil and gas sector,” said Mr Nugraha.

As is known, PT DAHANA is a member of the DEFEND ID Holding which is engaged in high-energy materials for the oil and gas, general mining, quarrying and construction, and defense sectors. Under its explosives manufacturing, drilling and blasting, related services and defense related business lines, PT DAHANA enjoy an enormous support of the capabilities of the Energetic Material Center as an integrated center for research, development and production of explosives in Subang, West Java.