PT DAHANA collaborated with the Cilendek Barat Sub-district Administration, Bogor Baraat District, Bogor City to hold an action for acceleration of the handling of stunting through program called ‘Dapur Sehat Atasi Stunting’ (DASHAT) (healthy kitchen to overcome stunting) featuring with the ‘Makan Bareng Teman’ (Mabar Men) (eating with friends) program. The program was carried out at Neighborhood 14 Yasmin Housing complex, Cilendek Barat sub-district, Bogor Barat district, Bogor City on Wednesday, December 27, 2023.

Head of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit, Eman Suherman, said that as the Mecca for Indonesian explosives, DAHANA has a high commitment to progress with the community, especially in stunting eradication programs, such as those implemented in Cilendek District.

“Stunting is a crucial problem encountered by society as the high level of stunting in Indonesia poses a threat to future generations. Therefore, DAHANA is present in various stunting eradication activities, as a form of the Company’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” said Mr Suherman.

Stunting case in Bogor City in April 2023 was recorded at 2001, with 394 cases of stunting in Bogor Barat District alone. In addition, there are 278 cases of families which are prone to stunting and need assistance. The local government collaborates with the community and the business world to resolve stunting cases.

DAHANA’s accelerated action to handling of stunting is part of the National Stunting Prevention Movement with the aim of making people Know, Willing and Able to change their behavior. One way is by providing knowledge about stunting prevention actions to the community.

Mr Suherman added that DAHANA’s SER Unit is committed to realizing Indonesia Zero Stunting in hoping that the dream of a Golden Indonesia 2045 can be realized by having a healthy and superior generation. Stunting is a common enemy for Indonesia’s progress.

“The stunting prevention movement carried out by DAHANA is an effort to advance Indonesian society. By handling stunting we hope that that future generations will have strong physical and cognitive abilities, so that Golden Indonesia 2045 can be realized,” concluded Mr Suherman.