PT DAHANA was awarded with “The Most Promising Company In Marketing 3.0” in the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) company category at the SOEs Entrepreneurial Marketing Award 2024 event which was organized by the well-known marketing consulting company in Indonesia Markplus Inc. The award was received by General Mining Division 2 GM PT DAHANA Abdul Haris Atbaro at the Grand Atrium Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta. Wednesday, May 15, 2024.

Mr Atbaro said that the award DAHANA was the result of the hard work and collaboration of many parties, including directions from the Commissioners, the performance of the Board of Directors and all DAHANA employees, as well as the trust given by all DAHANA consumers.

“Therefore, allow us to thank everyone who has been involved in the entire DAHANA business process. This award is our capital to strengthen the collaboration that has been well established between all stakeholders, including shareholders, Commissioners, Directors, employees, and customers trust in us,” said Mr Atbaro during the event.

PT DAHANA is known as the mecca of Indonesian explosives manufacturers offering integrated explosives services for the general mining, quarrying and construction, oil and gas and military sectors. PT DAHANA operates in the explosives manufacturing, drilling and blasting Services, defense related and related services business lines.

“PT DAHANA’s various achievements, including this award, is expected to be a trigger and encouragement to sustainably improve PT DAHANA’s performance and services in facing the demands of globalization, innovation and sustainability,” concluded Mr Atbaro.

The SOEs Entrepreneurial Marketing Award 2024 is an event where awards are given to marketers or marketeers within SOEs, Regional-Owned Enterprises and SOEs subsidiaries, both corporately and individually, involving various experts as judges.