The Sunda Strait tsunami natural disaster that occurred on Saturday (12/22) night left deep sorrow for the Indonesian people. The sea wave that spilled suddenly to the ground claimed many victims, hundreds of people died, thousands were injured and hundreds of people were missing.

Settlements and buildings on the seashore, especially in Banten and Lampung, were crushed by sea water to debris.

PT DAHANA (Persero), a State-Owned Enterprise producing explosives domiciled in Subang District, immediately sent a team to distribute aid to the victims.
Asep Maskandar, Corporate Secretary of DAHANA stated that his side responded since the beginning by coordinating, collecting information, and monitoring the latest news.

“The President Director, Budi Antono, since the news came to public has given instruction for DAHANA to immediately send aid to those affected by the disaster in Banten,” Asep revealed.

After coordinating with the State-Owned Enterprises post located in Banten, on December 24, 2018, DAHANA through the PKBL unit prepared logistical assistance, “Since yesterday (25/12) the DAHANA team carrying logistical assistance has arrived in Banten, and is coordinating with other State-Owned Enterprises, precisely at the BRI Labuan Branch, Pandeglang, Banten,” Asep Maskandar explained.

Fajar Pratama, a member of DAHANA team who participated in the aid distribution activities, reported that the assistance currently being channelled by DAHANA includes instant noodles, mineral water, biscuits, milk for children, baby cereal food, baby pampers, blankets, carpets, and mats. “Today (26/12), assistance from DAHANA is directly channelled to several posts to help meet the urgent needs of the victims of the disaster,” Fajar said. (12/26/2018)
Weather condition once got in DAHANA’s way to distribute aid. Heavy rain with strong winds hit the Labuan sky all night, but the team gave their best to distribute aid as soon as possible. “We have distributed DAHANA’s assistance today to several villages in Labuan subdistrict. We wish that at least it can help meet the temporary needs of the victims,” said Fajar.
Meanwhile, Director of Finance & HR, Asmorohadi said that the assistance currently being channelled to the victims of the Sunda Strait tsunami was an early batch of help, which would later be followed by the next batch as instructed and coordinated by the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises. “The total aid for this initial phase is worth IDR40 million, today DAHANA has deployed health workers and ambulance vehicles to the disaster site,” Asmorohadi explained. (SYA)