Tens of members of Special Force Command (Kopassus) on Wednesday (14/11/2018) visited DAHANA’s management Office (Campus) in Subang. The troops with the green berets left their station in Batujajar , Bandung to DAHANA in Subang for a training session.

“There are 30 Kopassus students visiting DAHANA today. They have just passed the Kopassus training and now in the process of special training,” said First Lieutenant Czi Ahmad Suadi, Commander of Course.

Further, Ahmad Suadi, during his speech said that the students were also undergoing Special Training on Basic Genie Demolition Year of 2018. They actually have basic knowledge on explosives.
Some categories of explosives were introduced to the students, namely military explosives, improved explosives, and commercial explosives.

“They have the basic knowledge, mostly on military explosives. We are visiting DAHANA for further knowledge on commercial explosives, “ he explained.

The students who were mostly Sergeant Second Class enthusiastically listened to explanation delivered by Bagus Teguh, Senior Manager for Production and his team. In addition to explanation on the subject matter, the students also got the opportunity to directly see the explosive quality blasting test. (SYA)