PT DAHANA along with Cibogo Vocational High School, visited Subang Regency’s the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) for discussion and in coordination implementation of Practical Technology of Waste Management. The DAHANA and Cibogo Vocational High School team was welcomed by the Head of Subang BRIN Center Achmat Sarifudin in the ATFI 1 Meeting Room, BRIN, Subang, Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

The Head of PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit, Eman Suherman said, this visit was a follow-up to the Practical Waste Handling Technology competition which was held by DAHANA in 2022. He added that this was the implementation of DAHANA’s SER priority program in the environmental sector and education.

“This is DAHANA’s commitment to realizing green innovation. We are not satisfied only with organization of competition and collection of environmental innovation ideas; we also encourage these fresh ideas to be implemented properly, and ultimately bring benefits to the society,” said Mr Suherman.

During the discussion, the BRIN team explained about waste management with the use of the MPS 100 media incinerator for waste management by burning it; utilizing organic waste, especially food scraps or household waste with BSF (Black Soldier Fly) or maggot, and the use of maggot as alternative cattle feed and an alternative fertilizer for vegetables and crops.

Mr Suherman added that BRIN welcomed DAHANA’s program in the implementation of non-commercial Appropriate Technology for handling waste in the surrounding community by involving the education community..

DAHANA, CIbogo Vocational School, and BRIN agreed to build an MPS 100 Incinerator as a waste management supporting device, and a magot production house. Under this cooperation, DAHANA as a Company provides funding from the TPB Environment and Education program, while BRIN serves as designer of products and supervises the manufacture of appropriate technology’ and Cibogo Vocational High School takes the roles as the executor.

“We hope that this Pentahelix collaboration program can be a way of helping each other, sharing burdens and implementing waste management program. Hopefully this can be implemented on a pilot scale, then developed in the community level around the company. It is also our hope that this activity will bring added economic value in the future for the various parties involved,” concluded Mr Suherman.