PT DAHANA donated an incubation machine and a chicken feather plucker to the Cibogo State Vocational High School (SMKN). The assistance was handed over by DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Staff Janitra Yoga to the Principal of SMKN Cibogo Ade Suhedin, at SMKN Cibogo, Subang, Tuesday, 23 May 2023.

Head of DAHANA’s SER Unit, Eman Suherman, said that this assistance is a form of DAHANA’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (TPB) in the education sector. He also explained that this assistance was part of the Nursery Edu Park program which had been a collaborative work with Cibogo Vocational High School for several years.

“This program is a part of the Nursery Edu Park program, which includes land and educational facilities that DAHANA offers to students of agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries in Subang Regency. Previously, the Edu Park Nursery has succeeded in harvesting chilies and other plants. Hopefully in the future, it will also be successful in producing processed chicken products,” said Mr Suherman.

Mr Suherman added that in 2023, SER unit will focus on fulfilling SDGs in education. He pointed out that education is important for the progress of society in the future. He is optimistic that with a good education, Indonesia’s future will be bright.

In addition to the Nursery Edu Park, DAHANA also offers other educational facilities to the surrounding community, namely the DAHANA Reading Center, also known as the Canda Park. Mr Suherman emphasized that SER Unit party would remain at the forefront in advancing education, especially in Subang Regency.

Meanwhile,  Mr Yoga hoped that with the assistance from DAHANA, students majoring in animal husbandry at Cibogo Vocational High School will be more enthusiastic on using the latest innovations in the field of chicken farming. The donated facilities included Chicken Feather Removal Machine with a capacity of 1 PK for 10 chickens and a Semi-Automatic Egg Incubator Machine with a capacity of 100 eggs.

“It is our hope that this assistance can develop student learning about broilers and the operation of  other processed broiler products. Also, with the incubators, Nursery Edu Park can create innovations by producing DOC, laying chicks, or cross-breed chickens,” said Mr Yoga.

Ade Suhedin representing SMKN Cibogo also thanked PT DAHANA for continuously supporting SMKN Cibogo’s programs. He hoped that DAHANA will continue to be an advanced and developing company to make sure that more surrounding people can feel the benefits.


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