PT DAHANA got an award as the Best Contractor in 2022 at Semen Baturaja Site. This award was given by Semen Baturaja Mining Vice President, Muhammad Beni to DAHANA’s DKK Operations Superintendent, Akbar Husein Rachmawan during the 2023 Mine OHSE Refreshment activity at Wisma Ganesha Semen Baturaja in South Sumatra on March 8 2023.

Akbar said that he was very happy with the award given by Semen Baturaja. This award serves as motivation for himself and his team in providing the best service to customers. He also hoped that DAHANA will remain consistent and develop into an advanced company.

“Thank God, we received an award as the Best Semen Baturaja Contractor in 2022. This  is a gift for the hard work of DAHANA’s employees at the Baturaja site, as well as support from DAHANA’s management throughout 2022. It is our hope that this can improve DAHANA’s performance in forthcoming years,” said Akbar.

The award for Best Contractor in 2022 was given to DAHANA after various stages of assessment. DAHANA won the highest score in various aspects such as the company’s aspect with the application of SMKP, Organizational Competence, in terms of communication, consultation and participation with SOPs for the supply of goods, OHSE, and operations, and for of infrastructure, facilities, and workshops.

DAHANA has been working in the Baturaja land since 2019 to providing drilling and blasting services. Akbar added that explosives products manufactured by DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) along with the experience of employees are able to serve customers properly and according to their needs.

As the mecca of Indonesian explosives, DAHANA pays attention to the health and safety aspects of employees, and is committed to achieving zero accidents for both humans and the environment. Every day, Baturaja site employees conduct 5 Minute Meetings (P5M) prior to work to ensure the safety of employees and the environment.

In addition, DAHANA’s Baturaja site, with the support of the HSE application, is committed to providing OHSE reports to the management. Apart from adherence to the OHSE points set by PT Semen Baturaja, DAHANA’s employees are also trained to carry out effective communication in consideration of the extreme risks of the job.

“It is our hope that this award can also encourage all DAHANA employees at other sites to give their best performance, and further increase the trust of customers and prospective customers to use DAHANA’s services. DAHANA be Excellent!” concluded Akbar.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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