“The government must fully protect strategic industries with supporting policies as to prevent leakages that turn out to be weakening the strategic industries”

This is what Edy Putra Irawady, Deputy Coordinating Minister for Economic, Trade and Industrial Coordination Section during a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on the Effect of Anti-dumping Import Tax of ammonium nitrate for Upstream-downstream Explosive Industry for Development of Domestic Defense System Major Equipment . The FGD was held at the PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Central Management’s Head-offices in Subang, Tuesday, January 24,  2017.

The discussion was attended by representatives of The Ministry of Industry, Ministry of State-owned Enterprises, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Police Headquarter, and some mining companies such as PT ANTAM, PT Semen Padang and PT Bukit Asam.

Edy mentioned was talking about Strengthening State-Owned Enterprises’ Roles in Development of Defense Industry. Defense industry is a strategic industry Industri with focuses on government’s interest in national defense

“The government has the responsibility for building and developing defense industry to assure its advanced, strong, independent and competitive nature,” said Edy.

Edy also addressed the allegation of ammonium nitrate dumping to DAHANA. He said that as a strategic industry DAHANA should be supported with regards to the allegation due to the fact that ammonium nitrate consumed by is also used for developing the national armed forces’ defense system.

“It is necessary to study the related both upstream and downstream  effects. It’s not wise to only pat attention on the downstream effects. Accurate and comprehensive studies are required,” said Edy. 

For information, PT DAHANA (Persero) is currently under allegation for dumping of ammonium nitrate f saat ini tengah mendapat tuduhan melakukan dumping impor Amonium Nitrat, and will be under the burden on Anti-dumping Import Tax. The case in now under investigation by Indonesia’s Anti-dumping Committee and under discussion with the Team for National Interest Advocacy (Sya)