PT DAHANA worked in collaboration with the National Police Headquarters for In-House Training (IHT) on Supervision and Management of Explosives. This training was opened by PT DAHANA’s Corporate Secretary Ahmad Fachruddin at the DAHANA Campus Classroom, Subang, Thursday, on September 7, 2023.

In his speech, Mr Fachruddin conveyed that, as an Indonesian explosives company, PT DAHANA considered security and safety as the main things that should get a special concern by every PT DAHANA employee. Therefore, the Company worked in cooperation with the National Police Headquarters or organization of IHT for Supervision and Management of Explosives.

“In accordance with the Regulation of the Head of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia Number 17 of 2017 on Licensing, Security, Supervision and Control of Commercial Explosives, PT DAHANA as a government company engaged in the field of explosives organizes IHT for Supervision & Management of Explosives,” said Mr Fachruddin.

Mr Fachruddin also explained that the IHT served as a refreshment in relations to the understanding of the procedures for Supervision and Management of Explosives so that all elements at PT DAHANA, both employees and partners, can stay consistent in complying with the applicable procedures.

The IHT participants consisted of a security team, employees related to the management of explosives transportation such as warehouse employees, OHSE, as well as representatives from the General Mining Division, Quarrying and Construction Division, and the Oil and Gas and Military Divisions. During the training, the participants received a presentation from Police Superintendent (AKBP) Billy Hildiario who discussed the importance of explosives security and monitoring as to avoid possible misuses.

Participants also received a presentation from the OHSE & Quality Manager Ivan Angga Maulana who presented material on the Management System and Storage of Explosives, Danny Armeidian who discussed Management for OHS Fatigue and Driving. DAHANA also invited explosives transport partners as participants.

“Welcome to the National Police Headquarters’ team of Intelligence and Security Section to DAHANA Campus. I hope this IHT can provide benefits to the participants, especially a refreshment related to knowledge about supervision and management of explosives to make sure that each aspect of community security and safety can be assured,” said Mr Fachruddin.