PT DAHANA helda Youth Pledge Commemoration ceremony under the theme “Together Advancing Indonesia”. DAHANA’s President Director, Wildan Widarman directly inspected the ceremony which was attended by all DAHANA Head Office employees at the PT DAHANA Football Field, Subang, Saturday, 28 October 2023.

Mr Widarman forwarded the speech of the Minister of Sports and Youth, Ario Bimo Nandito Ariotedjo, who addressed on the history of the birth of the Youth Pledge, which served as a reminder that the 1928 Youth Pledge succeeded in spreading the spirit of patriotism and helped give birth to the national commitment.

“The national vision in the 1928 Youth Pledge gave birth to a national commitment, namely one mother land Indonesian, one Indonesian nation, and upholding the unified language of Indonesian,” said Mr Widarman.

The government raised the theme “Together Advancing Indonesia” which means that the Indonesian people, who come from across generations, across institutions, can work together to advance Indonesia. In this case, it is hoped that Indonesia will also get an increase in term of the Youth Development Index (IPP).

In the text read by Mr Widarman, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has opened up wide participation for today’s young generation of Indonesian youth who are working together to realize Indonesia’s future hopes together. The given Inclusivity in the cross-generational collaboration ecosystem has built collective optimism that young people now have a respected place in national development.

Mr Widarman also said that DAHANA is committed to increasing the capacity of the young generation in the explosives industry by involving the millennial generation and generation Z in many of the Company’s strategic activities. In addition, DAHANA’s young generation is also frequently involved in social and environmental activities to foster a spirit of collaboration and innovation for solution of community problems.

The theme of the 95th Youth Pledge Day is also in line with the AKHLAK core values which have become the Company’s soul. Innovation and Collaboration is a way for DAHANA to advance Indonesia by realizing the independence of the explosives industry in both the commercial and military sectors.

Mr WIdarman also advised, that in anticipation to the general election atmosphere, that DAHANA employees stay at the forefront in maintaining the unity and unity of Indonesia, and not to be easily influenced by hoax news that could divide the Indonesian nation, and to always maintain the spirit of the Youth Pledge.

“Facing the 2024 general election contestation, we advise that all DAHANA people continue to uphold the values of Indonesian unity and unity as specified in the spirit of the Youth Pledge. We also hope that through the commemoration of the 95th Youth Pledge Day, DAHANA people can increase the spirit of collaboration and innovation for the sake of Indonesia’s progress,” concluded Mr Widarman.