The Underground Mining Training Center (BDTBT) of the Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources paid a visit to PT DAHANA to get introduced to PT DAHANA’s products and services in underground mining. The training center representatives were welcomed by Acting Vice President of Energetic Material Center (EMC) DAHANA, Dadan Munawar, at DAHANA Campus in Subang on Thursday, 21 December 2023.

In his speech, Mr Munawar said that PT DAHANA continues to innovate in various fields, including the underground mining one of which is the development of DabexUG product, namely DAHANA’s EMC bulk explosive material which is proven to be reliable for application in underground mines.

“The DabexUG has been used in several project sites owned by PT DAHANA. The explosive product is very reliable both for underground mining and in tunnel work. DabexUG has been formulated for use in both hot and watery blast holes. It can provide significant benefits and added value technically operationally and economically,” said Mr Munawar.

Meanwhile, the head of BDTBT, Darius Agung Patra, introduced the training centre to PT DAHANA. BDTBT is an Underground Mining Training Center which has the task of providing competency-based training to public servants and the community in the field of underground and open-pit mining.

In addition, BDTBT also has coal quality testing services for commercial, educational or other purposes with testing parameters at competitive rates. BDTBT is equipped with test laboratories, simulators and other educational equipment to produce underground mining experts in Indonesia.

Mr Patra said that the training centre appreciates PT DAHANA for its innovation in producing explosives that are reliable for use in underground mining. He also wished to collaborate with PT DAHANA for provision of dummies for underground explosive products, as well as related source persons to provide explosives education at the BDTBT.

“We appreciate PT DAHANA’s success in production of explosives that are effective for use in underground mining. We hope that we can have a good collaboration with PT DAHANA. We can plan to make DabexUG dummies and invite PT DAHANA to become speakers in our blasting training sessions,” said Mr Patra.