SUBANG – PT DAHANA launched the theme of the 2023 Annual Work Meeting “Building Resilience through Innovation”. The launch was carried out in conjunction with the Ngusik Bosan (Happy Gathering & Relaxing Chat) event which was attended by the Board of Directors of Holding DEFEND ID and PT DAHANA at the PT DAHANA Auditorium, in Subang, on 21 December 2022.

The President Director of PT DAHANA, Wildan Widarman said that this theme aims to build resilience in the explosives industry and the defence industry through innovations.

“Innovation is urgently needed in order to gain effectiveness and efficiency in all operational activities. It is required in order to create new technologies that can enhance the development of the defence and explosives industry going forward,” said Mr Widarman.

Mr Widarman also emphasized that the future challenges ahead will not be easy, following the escape from the Covid-19 pandemic, then confronted by the turmoil of war in various parts of the world. This has left an impact on the supply of raw materials, other related challenges.

“We remind you that the year 2023 will not get any easier. However, if we work hand-in-hand, we will, God’s willing, be able to go through the challenges safely,” Mr Widarman said optimistically.

During the 2023 Working Meeting, DAHANA formed a Working Group (Pokja) team which has the task of formulating strategies that will be implemented by the Company in facing various potential problems and challenges to make sure that the Company goes forward.

The Working Group team was also formed to formulate improvement steps, especially in terms of technology and strategic management to generate business development ideas in order to achieve sustainable growth goals.

The Working Group consists of: Working Group 1 (Technology and Business Development), Working Group 2 (Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain) and Working Group 3 (Finance, HCM, and support). Mr Widarman hoped that the Working Group can carry out its duties properly, and produce the right formulations to advance the company.

“It is our hope that the Working Group can work well, be aware o the situation and conditions regarding potential problems that will be faced in the next year, and formulate strategic steps so that the company can face these challenges and problems well,” concluded Mr Widarman.