The Feasibility Centre of Ministry of Defense handed over the Defense Production Facility Certificate to PT DAHANA. The certificate was directly delivered directly by the Head of feasibility Centre, First Marshall Mohammad Yani Rudiansyah to the Director of Technology and Development of DAHANA Suhendra Yusuf RPN, at the DAHANA Campus, Subang, on Tuesday, 20 December 2022.

In his remarks, Mr Yusuf said that this certificate extension is carried out by DAHANA every year so that users of DAHANA’s products can be sure that military products are manufactured in proper facilities and have been certified by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia.

“With this certificate, DAHANA hopes it can increase stakeholder’s confidence in DAHANA’s production facilities and military products, in which the production process be carried out according to the specifications requested by the users (consumers),” said Mr Yusuf.

Mr Yusuf also hoped that collaboration with the Ministry of Defense’s Centre for Feasibility will allow DAHANA to innovate in producing renewable technology in the military industry, which of course will require products recertification.

As part of DEFEND ID, DAHANA is determined to creating various kinds of breakthroughs to realize the independence of the national Defense and Security Equipment and Tool (Alpalhankam). Most recently, DAHANA released its newest product innovation called Rajata, a kamikaze drone which has shocked the world of defense industry for its effectiveness on the battlefield.

Apart from that, DAHANA has also conducted trials and finalized other defense products, such as the Rhan 450 Rocket, Spherical Powder Propellant, Counter-tank Weapons, Smokeless Propellant Rockets, and has produced the Bomb P Series consisting of the Bomb P 100 Live, Bomb P 250 Live and Bomb P 500 LIve, with levels of Domestic Content (TKDN) of above 50%.

This certification was also welcomed by the Head of Ministry of defence’s Feasibility Center, Marshall, Rudiansyah, who said he was very impressed because PT DAHANA’s remarkable achievement. He also appreciated DAHANA’s efforts in developing Rajata in hoping that DAHANA could make necessary refinement for Rajata products and start engaging in mass production.

“I was surprised because DAHANA turned out to be as large and great as this. I also welcome and appreciate the air weapon (Rajata) developed by DAHANA. I hope it will get better and better. This certificate is recognition and confirmation for DAHANA’s products that have proven to be performing well. I wish that PT DAHANA could become a growing force, at least in ASEAN, and hopefully in Asia and the world,” concluded Marshall Rudiansyah.


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