PT DAHANA was again holding a health program for its employees which was packaged with the ‘Rabu Rame-Rame Bergerak’ (BuRGer) event on the first Wednesday of 2024. The program took place at DAHANA Subang Head Office, Jakarta Office and the project sites, on Wednesday, January 3, 2024.

PT DAHANA Corporate Communication Manager, Cipta Ismaya Kusumah, said that the BuRGer program was given again to welcome the year 2024. The team launched a resolution saying that through BuRGer, employees can always be in good shape and ultimately have an impact on increasing work productivity.

“The BuRGer program, since the time it was firstly initiated, has received good enthusiasm among DAHANA employees, because apart from being healthy, they can also chat and share information about the Company with their superiors or across divisions. BuRGer’s resolution in 2024 is that DAHANA’s people can always be in top condition so that they can increase DAHANA’s productivity,” said Mr Kusumah.

In 2023, BuRGer activities offered running, gymnastics and fun walk. Meanwhile, in 2024, the team planned BuRGer to come with various forms of sports that are of interest to employees, so that more employees will follow this health agenda.

Mr Kusumah also said that January 3 is also International Mind-Body Wellness Day. Maintaining a healthy body is important for keeping a healthy mind. He hoped that all employees can take part in BuRGer regularly every Wednesday.

“With a healthy body, maintaining a healthy mind is easier than when you are sick. There is an Arabic proverb that says al aqlu salim fi jismi salim, meaning that a healthy mind is found in a strong body. Therefore, we invited all employees to actively participate in BuRGer activities. Maintaining health is a form of self-love,” concluded Mr Kusumah.

During the BuRGer, Subang employees happily exercised in DAHANA Campus Auditorium, while Jakarta employees exercised in the Tebet Eco Park park, and site employees adapted to their respective areas.