PT DAHANA’s Al Akhdar Mosque Council held another event called Mengaji Tematik DAHANA (Metana). It is an Quranic Thematic Studyactivity which was attended by students of Cibogo 1 Public Vocational High School. This time the Metana activity was loaded with two programs, namely Al-Qur’an Tahsin and Ramadhan Material. The activity was held on Friday, April 14, 2023, at DAHANA Subang’s Al Akhdar Mosque.

Head of Al Akhdar mosque council, Anwar Sanusi explained, this Metana activity was a collaboration between DAHANA and Cibogo1 Public Vocational School in Subang in order to increase knowledge and understanding in the field of Islam for students.

As the word of God in surah  Al Mujadala verse 11, which means “Allah will elevate those of you who are faithful, and ˹raise˺ those gifted with knowledge in rank”  

With world knowledge, the students will have more diverse insight which are obtained through subjects at school. With religious knowledge, students become understand the knowledge of religion, ethic, faith and morals.

“The location of the school is not far from the Company. It is the reason why we participate and contribute to the development of moderate students’ education. Apart from the central mosque facilities that can be benefitted by students, the mosque council also prepares other development programs such as programs to improve reading the Koran or Tahsin, procedures for ablution and proper prayer practice,” explained Mr Sanusi.

As for the Ramadan material session, Juli Jajuli, the mosque council board member who was a speaker at the event brought the theme of the characteristics of people whose Ramadan was successful.

“Earlier we conveyed to the participants about the characteristics of people who are successful with their Ramadan; they are people whose level of piety to Allah SWT is higher, and they become pious individuals,” said Mr Jajuli.

He added that the characteristics of a pious person as set forth in the Qur’an Surah Al Imran Verse 134 consist of being happy of giving alms to those in need, whether they are in easy or difficult situations.

The second characteristic is the ability to withstand anger. Anger is a bad desire and will do bad to both the one scolding and the one being scolded. Mr Jajuli suggested that the participants should emulate and grow a ‘vacuum  flask’ attitude which is characterized with the capability of withstanding hot fluctuations inside yet cool outside. According to Mr Jajuli, that is the way people should do when in anger, as to avoid human’s feeling controlled by anger.

The next character is the ability to forgive others. Forgiving others may be difficult, especially when that other person has made a serious mistake. However, as a Muslim, it is necessary to demonstrate sincerity and forgiveness to others as it is the path to gaining more piety.

“Hopefully in the future this Metana event can still take place regularly, and group mentoring will be made. We expect that this event will be a way to develop Subang human resources who are not only academically intelligent, but also emotionally and spiritually intelligent,” said Mr Jajuli.