PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit supplied food packages to the people of Subang. The food package distribution was carried out in a series of Safari Ramadhan events for the Regent and other Subang high-ranking officials at the Tanjungsiang District Office, Subang, on Thursday, April 13, 2023.


Eman Suherman, the Head of DAHANA’s SER unit said that the distribution of the basic food packages is a form of the Company’s concern and commitment to the people of Subang as DAHANA continually tries to be at the forefront of helping residents.

“Earlier, Regent Ruhimat told residents that he hoped that the assistance will be useful. Of course we also hope that residents who have just survived the Covid-19 pandemic can recover soon and their economy will improve immediately,” said Mr Suherman.

Mr Suherman added that during this month of Ramadan, DAHANA’s SER unit has done many things such as distribution of cash to the orphans, supply of takjil (snack for breaking the fast) and groceries in several places, and organisation of free homecoming transportation for Subang residents who are going to travel to their hometown in Yogyakarta, Semarang and Tegal.

As an Indonesian explosives company, DAHANA has developed the sense of obligation not to progress and develop itself, but develop together with the community. DAHANA’s SER is also well known by the community as a corporate unit that has succeeded in bringing the Subang community to success.


Mr Suherman said that in 2023 SER would focus on the education, environment and development of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Mr Suherman hoped that the people of Subang can gradually rise and compete with other communities

“DAHANA’s SER programs are focused to make sure that the people of Indonesia, especially Subang, can rise and move up to become a society that competes with other citizens of the world. DAHANA has implemented this concept by fostering MSEs which have succeeded in penetrating the global market,” concluded Mr Suherman.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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