PT DAHANA (Persero) Covid-19 Prevention Task Force launched a mass sunbathing movement under the name of 8 – 9-10 starting on April 13, 2021. The number 8 refers to the start time of sunbathing, the number 9 means  the 9 exciting activities to be done  (prayer, light exercise, enjoying the scenery, discussion, reading books, looking for ideas, clients video,  breathing exercise and note taking), and the number 10 means 10 minutes of length of sunbathing.


According to DAHANA Task Force Team Leader Rina Erita, this communal sunbathing movement aims to boost the PT DAHANA (Persero) ‘s employee’s health immunity.


Basking in the morning sun is good for the health as it allows the body to get vitamin D intake. In addition to optimizing bone growth, Vitamin D is also important for boosting one’s immune system. With the presence of Vitamin D, immune cells will be more active in fighting foreign objects that enter the body, including the corona virus.


“Exposure to sunlight that carries Ultraviolet B rays can trigger the production of vitamin D in the body which can last twice as long in the blood when compared to vitamin D which is consumed in the form of supplements or food,” said Rina Erita at the Dahana Campus (20/04 / 2021).


In addition to sunbathing, this program allows the employees to get engaged with various activities such as discussing or doing P 5 M (5 Minute Meetings) activities to review work or to have other light conversations. All activities are observed in accordance with health protocols such as wearing masks and keeping a distance from each other.


This activity was positively welcomed by employees as expressed by SM Legal & Corporate Communications, Agus Setiawan.


“This activity is very useful, apart from maintaining health, it can also be filled with other useful things,” said Agus Setiawan during the observance of 8 – 9-10 activities.