Students of Mining Engineering of Universitas Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) Veteran Yogyakarta conducted a field visit to the PT DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center area. The student group was welcomed by DAHANA’s SM Legal and Corporate Communications Juli Jajuli at the DAHANA Campus Auditorium, Subang, West Java on Thursday, 22 February 2024.

In his speech, Mr Jajuli introduced a brief history of DAHANA which was born from the Indonesian Air Force’s “Menang” project. DAHANA had its head office in Tasikmalaya before finally moved to the almost 600 hectares of land in Subang. Currently, DAHANA’s explosives facilities are the most complete in the ASEAN region. The Dahana campus itself is known as the Qibla of Indonesian Explosives.

“Welcome to the Dahana Campus. This campus is the DAHANA Central Management Office. It’s not a university, but the philosophy of the campus as a place of learning is also not wrong as currently DAHANA is a learning and practice centre for practitioners and students who specialize in high-energy materials or explosives,” explained Mr Jajuli.

Benefitting from the 600 hectares of land, DAHANA has built various facilities, such as office areas that have a platinum level Green Building certificate, meeting halls, museums, reading station, explosives factories, and warehouses. DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center area is considered to be the most complete explosives facilities in the ASEAN region,” said Mr Jajuli.

DAHANA’s operation offers several service sectors such as general mining, quarrying and construction, oil and gas and military. In the midst of increasingly tight competition in the explosives industry, DAHANA has succeeded in maintaining and continuing to develop the market both at home and abroad.

After receiving the presentation, the 91 UPN Veteran students and lecturers had the opportunity for questions and answers session, followed by a plant tour visiting the DAHANA Energetic Material Center (EMC) area which is the home to an explosives factory, warehouse and various other facilities.

Head of UPN Veteran 2nd Field Study, Gunawan Noesanto, appreciated DAHANA for being open to the students to learn about explosives, especially in their application of the mining field.

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude to DAHANA for giving us the space to study. We hope that the participating students can comprehend the process of using explosives in the world of mining,” said Mr Noesanto.