No one is unfamiliar with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Those two are great developers of computer technology.  Bill Gates is very popular with his company Microsoft Windows, while Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple Computer Inc. with world famous products IPod, IPhone and Macinthos.

Those two prominent people have their own style in building their success and making their companies remarkably huge. But who knows that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs shared the same historical moments that simply made them great people that have taken their company to today’s success. Their stories have been well depicted in a movie titled Pirates of Sillicon Valley. 

The movie, released in 1990 in USA, apart from featuring true story of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, also brings a lot to learn. As the story tells, the two of them started their invention actually by pirating others’ products which they later developed to be somehow globally popular products. 

Prior to invention of Microsoft Windows, Bill Gates purchased a license and held the propriety of  a computer operating system called MS DOS. Steve Jobs, at the beginning of his computer program development, started his work by imitating others’ products, namely Xerox,  GUI and Mouse that he later used for developing his computer system. 

When Bill Gates started working in collaboration with Stave Jobs for developing Apple, Bill Gates secretly imitated Apple’s program from which he invented Microsoft Windows.

This inevitably raised conflicts between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  However, using his excellent diplomacy, Bill managed to come up with convenient solution and both of them began building collaboration for development of their work. 

The movie was one of agendas for DAHANA’s Manager Forum session during the 2017 DAHANA’s Meeting for Company’s Budgeting in Tasikmalaya in 30 January 2017.

23 DAHANA’s manager enjoyed the movie and had related discussion afterwards. The echelon 3 managers were divided into four groups for discussion of the related moral message conveyed in the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. The results of discussion were presented with the presence of other meeting’s participants. The Company’s Director for Technology and Development, Heri Heriswan, was present and served as of the presentation judges.

One of the presenting groups stated that the movie conveyed some related massage that were applicable to day-to-day work performance. 

“We have the corporate culture, namely Innovation and Global Alliance which serve as triggers for the Company’s advancement. Innovating is a must for the sake of operation advancement; our products must be continually under innovation in response to the customers’ demand, while global alliance is crucial to make sure we build networks with other companies in the interest of our Company’s advancement,” said one of the representatives of the group. 

The best participating group received prizes from the presentation assessors. Two groups were selected as the best groups. The proud group’s members were : Ahmad Fachrudin, Erwin Cipta M, Jufal Berlianda, Junia Mardiani dan Budi Irfani. (SYA)