PT DAHANA (Persero) will again fly its flag at PT Semen Tonasa this year. PT Semen Tonasa is one of State-owned Enterprises Producing cement, located in Eastern Indonesia. DAHANA is back to PT Semen Tonasa for contract of blasting project, after 2 years of absence.

This was stated by Wibowo Budi Santoso, DAHANA (Persero)’s Relations Manager for Quarry Sector, Division of Quarry and Construction on Kamis (2/2/2017), while accompanying 4 representatives of PT Semen Tonasa for preliminary preparation of supply of explosives to  Pangkep, South Sulawesi. The four representatives were Basri (SM of Limestone Mining), Ade Meiriyadi (SM of Inventory Management), Derminto Sarumpaet (Procurement Staffer) and Bahrul (Mining Staffer) 

“PT Semen Tonasa’s representative meeting here (EMC area) is for inspection purposes on DAHANA’s DABEX explosives and Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT) to be used for DTH (Down The Holes) PT Semen Tonasa plant in Pangkep, South Sulawesi,” said Wibowo to  Dfile.

Wibowo also stated that PT Semen Tonasa’s inspection was part of obligatory inspection to assure necessary preparation and conformity of explosives quantity and quality. “Such inspection is simply obligatory to them PT Semen Tonasa), considering their less favorable service of their previous supplier. They needed to assure our explosives quality, quantity, and expiry, and therefore it is a good idea to invite them for direct inspection to our plants and warehouses,” said Wibowo. 

This DAHANA will up-grade its service to PT Semen Tonasa. Instead of supplying explosives (spot), DAHANA will perform DTH Services, namely engagement of emulsion (DABEX©) explosives into the blasting holes.

DAHANA will commence operation at the Pangkep plant on February. The project will involve one Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT) with a capacity of 10 tons for operations of Dabex explosives filling.

“DAHANA  will again fly its service flag in DAHANA at PT Semen Tonasa. This time we will deliver DTH Services Dabex, with possibility for project up-grade to Drilling & Blasting services and many more. Our target will be 35,000 bcm a day,” Wibowo concluded. (SYA)