PT DAHANA (Persero) which is located in Subang, West Java welcomed West Java Police Intelligence and Security Director. This impromptu visit was directly led by Kombes Pol. Drs. J. Wisnu Sandjaya, SH with his entourage on Thursday, 6 September 2018.

The entourage was welcomed by the Head of Energetic Material Center (EMC) Benny Gunawan. After being introduced to the scale model of EMC which has an area of 600 hectares, the entourage made their way to the smart room for the necessary safety induction..

“According to Dahana safety procedure, visitors coming into the Ring 1 Restricted Area must undergo the safety induction process, “ said Benny Gunawan.

Meanwhile, the police director said he was happy with the unplanned visit. “This is my first visit to DAHANA to get to know the explosive manufacturing better,” said Wisnu Sandjaya.

Wisnu said that, Dahana, being a national vital object, has been equipped with proper security system. “We also want to see some location in Ring 1,” added Wisnu.

The brief visit was finalized after the visit to the Ring 1 Area. Kunjungan yang berlangsung singkat ini berakhir setelah mengelilingi area Ring I. (jjs)