The 73rd Republic of Indonesia’s Anniversary celebration became one of historical moment for PT DAHANA (Persero). It is on the event that the Company made its big dream for its involvement in helping build literate generation, especially within the company’s vicinity.
Just exactly on the same date of Indonesia’s Independence Day, this state-owned company producing explosives officially opened a community library called Taman Canda (‘Canda’ is short of ‘Bacaan Dahana’). The library is located in one of the DAHANA’s buildings situated in DAHANA’s cultural preserved area.

DAHANA’s President Director Budi Antono symbolically opened the library by cutting the ceremonial ribbon indicating that the library is officially accessible by the local community. Some directors of other state-owned enterprises were present witnessing the Taman Canda opening ceremony.

“The library is simply a program of BUMN Hadir Untuk Negeri (SOE’s Presence for the Country), especially intended for the young generation in our attempt to make them develop a reading habit for better literacy. It is our hope that the library will make it easier for people to access information presented in books,” said Budi Antono. (17/8/2018).

As for operation of the library, DAHANA works in collaboration with some activists of Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) Assistance of District of Cibogo who are members of Generasi Harapan Tebar Literasi (Genhati) community.

Gugun Faisal, head if Genhati Community, representing his community, said that it is his honor to be given the trust to manage the library. This will help him a lot in assisting the local people to start developing their reading habit and further help elevate the local people’s welfare.

“While doing the related activities, we get along with people a lot and we find that some people are illiterate. This library is a great help for us to support our community development program,” said Gugun Faisal.

As soon the library was officially opened, local children enthusiastically rushed to the library.
The presence of Taman Canda is an inseparable part of State-Owned Enterprise Synergy. The Taman Canda is a form of synergy with Balai Pustaka which is originally intended to realize State-owned Enterprise Program which plans to provide 1.000 libraries.