In order to strengthen and create an agenda setting for the corporate communications in 2022, PT DAHANA (Persero) held a Communication Focus Group Discussion (FGD). This internal consolidation activity was done online through a virtual zoom meeting on Friday, November 5, 2021.


DAHANA’s Public Relations & Institutional Manager, Juli Jajuli, in his presentation said that the FGD was conducted as an adaptive form of the dynamics of external conditions that would inevitably affect the company’s communication patterns to each of its stakeholders.


“Adapting to external conditions is very important, such as changes in the way people receive information, which shifts from reading to more visual ones such as infographics and videography. Therefore, we want to optimize the role of DAHANA’s millennial to become digital-troopers,” said Mr Jajuli.


Apart from that, Mr Jajuli also conveyed corporate communication programs in 2022 which consisted of several major agendas such as Marketing Public Relations by managing advertisements to managing the social and environmental responsibility activities publications, Internal Relations by managing Arts and Sports activities, and innovative Digital Story Telling.


Meanwhile, DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman said that Adaptive is one of the core values ​​of SOES, namely AKHLAK, and the indicator of innovation is problem solving. In terms of communication, for instance, companies must focus on stakeholders.


Mr Widarman also hoped that, with a communication platform, all departments can collaborate to innovate to solve problems, both internally and externally. Mr Widarman also advised that all DAHANA personnel should not be trapped in the past, and must take the chance of going out of their comfort zone and make innovation a corporate culture.


“Apart from that, each strategy we make must be in accordance with science, in line with the existing conditions. So, if we have fought hard there, then God willing, God will give a way out,” said Mr Widarman.


The FGD, which lasted for one and a half hours, ran dynamically with input of important ideas from all departments and internal stakeholders of DAHANA’s communications.