PT DAHANA (Persero)

No. 64/SP.DHN/XI/2021


Subang, November 5, 2021. PT DAHANA (Persero) is building an Elemented Detonator explosives factory in the Dahana Energetic Material Center area in Subang, West Java. The construction of this new factory is in order to gain the independence of the national explosives industry and minimize dependence on imported explosives, especially that of the initiating device sector.


The factory, which is built in collaboration between DAHANA and Hanwha Corporation Korea, is targeted to be able to start production in early 2022. The first Elemented Detonator factory in Indonesia will produce elemented detonators with a capacity of up to 8 million pieces per year. The groundbreaking process was carried out on January 30, 2019 and commissioning is planned to be at the end of 2021.


According to Dahana Director of Technology & Development Suhendra Yusuf RPN, the construction of the Elemented Detonator factory is an effort to realize the company’s vision to become a leading national industry in terms of high energy materials.


“Steps to realize the company’s vision are taken by mastering aspects of detonator raw

materials, which is a backward integration strategy from downstream to upstream, as well as realizing the independence of explosive technology,” said Mr Yusuf in Subang (05/11).


Elemented Detonator is one of the main raw materials for detonators which consists of high explosives as the main charge and contains a delay element to adjust the delay time of the detonator. Elemented detonators will later be benefitted in the manufacture of electric and non-electric detonators produced by DAHANA, which currently serve consumers in the mining, quarrying, and construction sectors.


According to Mr Yusuf, the advantage of owning an independent Elemented Detonator factory also makes it easier for DAHANA to innovate and improve detonators, conduct continuous research to produce better and more competitive products, including that of pricing.


“By building the Elemented Detonator Factory, DAHANA realizes the independence of explosive technology, produces explosives, especially detonators with the best quality and competitive prices, limits the import of explosives to Indonesia in order to reduce dependence on other countries, and increase the company’s revenue and profit in particular,” said Mr Yusuf.


Apart from the Elemented Detonator factory, DAHANA is also elevating its capabilities by building an Ammonium Nitrate plant in Bontang, preparing a Propellant factory, and other efforts to support Indonesia’s explosives independence.



July Jajuli

Public Relations & Institutional Manager

PT DAHANA (Persero)


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