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Jakarta, September 8, 2021. PT DAHANA (Persero) held a ‘DAHANA Update Webinar!’ to promote its latest products and services. The webinar was opened by the Deputy Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Pahala Nugraha Mansury through online and face-to-face media at the Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday 8 September 2021. The event was attended by Dahana stakeholders such as the Ministry of SOEs, Ministry of Public Work and People’s Housing, and Karya SOEs.


Carrying the theme “Fifth Generation Blasting Technology Solutions for Karya SOEs”, DAHANA showcased its newest technology which supports target users, particularly in terms of project acceleration and safety within the construction sector.


Explosives technology carries an important role in the mining and construction sectors. The application of explosives in both sectors allows acceleration to the progress of project completion. However, the use of explosives must consider safety aspects, both for project workers, the surrounding community, and the environment.


In his keynote speech, Mr Pahala Mansury said that this activity is an integral part of the SOE’s core values ​​internalization program, especially Collaborative Values for building synergistic and open cooperation in mutual working to generate added value.


“By building a healthy ecosystem among SOEs and encouraging collaboration with each other, becoming a global player for SOEs and taking part in the international level is no longer just a dream,” said Mr Pahala Mansury.


According to Mr Pahala Mansury, currently, DAHANA’s blasting technology plays an important role in the mining and construction sectors in support to the achievement of user targets more quickly and economically.


“However, in terms of development, apart from economic issues, the safety factor of mining or construction workers, the local community and the environment is very important and needs attention. Therefore, we need technology that can be a solution to such problems, one of which is the technology developed in DAHANA,” he added.


In line with the Deputy Minister of SOEs, President Commissioner of PT DAHANA (Persero) Rear Marshall Donny Ermawan Taufanto, M.D.S said this webinar was very interesting for the fact that firstly, the development of national infrastructure is currently being intensively implemented by the government through the National Strategic Project (PSN) in which Karya SOEs are heavily involved. The target of timely completion of these projects is of course a concern for the government.


“Secondly, with a time target, a method in the form of technology is required to speed up the process of project completion. Of the many, blasting technology is an important part of today’s national infrastructure projects. By blasting, certain parts of the infrastructure process will surely be done in a swifter way, “said Donny Ermawan.


On the other hand, blasting can impose risks if performed by incompetent parties. Blasting will bring hazardous impacts if not conducted by skilled hands, such as the safety of construction workers and the community around the project. From this point of view, blasting technology was born which can be a solution to the problem in this third point where the blasting is carried out in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.


Donny also said that,  when it comes to blasting, DAHANA is surely an integral part of the history of this country. Established in 1966, DAHANA has an extensive experience in developing the country, including in the national construction sector.


“For example, the experience in the Suralaya 2 X 1000 MW PLTU construction project, the Trans Sumatra toll road for the Lampung sector, the Trenggalek Monument Dam, the Mandeh Access Road Construction in West Sumatra, the Jati Gede Dam, the Salira PLTU Swityard and many more. This makes DAHANA remain a trusted partner for blasting services for national strategic projects,” explained Donny.


Fifth Generation Blasting Technology


The National Strategic Projects serves as Indonesia’s infrastructure projects under President Joko Widodo’s administration to increase economic growth, equitable development, community welfare and regional development. The project implementation is carried out directly by the central government, regional governments, and/or business entities as well as Government Business Entity Cooperation (PPP) by prioritizing the use of domestic components.


Since its launch in 2016 to December 2019, a total of 92 National Strategic Projects have been completed with an investment value amounting to Rp 467.4 trillion. The number of completed projects is equivalent to  41% of the total 223 projects specified in Presidential Regulation No. 56 of 2018, while in terms of investment value, the contribution reaches 11.4% of the total project investment of IDR 4,092 trillion.


According to the President Director of PT DAHANA (Persero) Wildan Widarman, the National Strategic Projects have been impacted a lot of negative environmental issues, one of which is the impact of blasting on the environment in construction works.


“Blasting work in mining is a common thing to the community around the mine, which is largely different from blasting work for construction which is relatively new to the community or other institutions affected around the project. If such work is not managed properly, it will cause large costs and delays in project completion,” said Mr Wildan Widarman when giving a speech at the Dahana Update Webinar.


Webinar Dahana Update! event featured four speakers: Director of Operations of DAHANA Bambang Agung, GM of DAHANA’s Quarry & Construction Division Setio Budhianto, Project Manager of Infrastructure Division 1 of PT PP Yusuf Lukman, and Project Manager of PT Nindya Karya Bangun Arifanto.


In his presentation, Mr Bambang Agung emphasized that the fifth generation of bulk explosives and the fourth generation of explosives initiation systems are present in the framework of solutions to the impact of blasting with the ability to accelerate project completion, especially PSN which is mostly managed by Karya SOEs.


“There are 4 things that are key to management of the impact of blasting on construction projects. The first is explosives technology;  the second is the ability to supply and operate blasting support equipment, the third is the competence of the team that performs the blasting work, and the fourth is the management system that is implemented measured to keep blasting activities in compliance with the international standards,” explained Bambang Agung.


DAHANA’s work in the construction sector includes, among others, Bench Blasting & Pre-split Blasting which aims to create space in the rock mass for roads, pipelines or building foundations. Bench height varies and depends on the rock surface topography.


“It is very important to ensure the quality of the stone walls formed after blasting. This is to avoid or minimize falling stones, shifting stones and excessive stabilization,” said Setio Budhianto, General Manager of DAHANA’s Quarry and Construction Division.


In his presentation, Setio also explained put forward  controlled blasting techniques for underground blasting application. It uses Tunneling, Shaft, and Underground Chamber blasting technology to distribute explosives to rock masses in a better way to avoid damage to tunnels, shafts and basements.


DAHANA also provides Underwater Blasting technology which can be a fast and inexpensive alternative for breaking hard rock or underwater structures compared to the use of small explosives, with a millisecond delay to simplify preconditioning or rock cracking in situ. DAHANA claims the technique to be capable of speeding up and facilitating the use of more conventional dredging and excavation tools.


This state-owned enterprise, which operates in the high-energy materials industry, has also released its latest technology for building demolition, which is capable of blowing up buildings with a small amount of explosives. The building structure will collapse under its own weight by controlling the blasting time according to pre-set directions.


Apart from blasting, DAHANA provides other services such as Optimum Blasting Design, Ground Vibration & Air Blast Measurement, Explosives Warehouse, as well as various permits related to explosives.


“Owing to our good track record, and the support of the fifth generation of explosive technology, DAHANA is ready to provide the best service for customers by providing satisfactory results and safe blasting impacts for the community and the environment,” concluded Setio Budhianto.



July Jajuli

Public Relations & Institutional Manager

PT DAHANA (Persero)


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