PT DAHANA (Persero) through DAHANA 55th Anniversary Committee organized DAHANA Employee Innovation Competition (Link) in relations with the launch of DAHANA’s 55th Anniversary logo and theme held through a zoom meeting on Wednesday, September 1, 2021. Link Dahana carries the theme “Innovation and Solutions to Support DAHANA’s Excellent Performance”.


Innovation is the lifeblood of the red-plated explosives company. A wide variety of high energy products and technologies have been created and developed over the years through Energetic Material Center. Apart from that, innovation is a way to implement the core values ​​of AKHLAK introduced by the Ministry of SOEs in July 2020, particularly in terms of ‘Adaptive’ value to continue to innovate and enthusiastically move or respond to the change.


According to the 2021 DAHANA Link Committee, Alip Muharam,  DAHANA Employee Innovation Competition requires that participants submit a Technical Paper which specifies direct benefits for the company, and the results are expected to be applied in the company and included in higher events such as the International Society of Explosives Engineer (ISEE), the Ministry of Research and Technology and other events focusing on technological innovation both at home and abroad.


The 2021 DAHANA link offers  two categories, namely,  firstly, Technology Breakthrough that comes in DAHANA’s explosive technology application solutions (upstream and downstream) as well as other supporting technologies, including drilling and blasting activities, explosive applications, explosives innovation, and other supporting technologies; and secondly, Business Strategy and Social Innovation, that offers of ideas or strategies in the company’s business development, management systems, work optimization, culture, and strategies that are capable of improving DAHANA’s performance as well as non-commercial/social projects innovations oriented to human and community development with a major impact on the environment and the advancement of human resources.



“Entries for 2021 DAHANA Employee Innovation Competition can be submitted from September 2 to October 5, 2021, through the DAHANA 55th Anniversary committee,” said Alip Muharam.


DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman, who has the expertise background in technology and development appreciated the idea of ​​such innovation competition for DAHANA’s employees. For him, this competition will not only be beneficial for individual innovators, but also contribute to the progress of the company and the Indonesian nation of course.


 “We really appreciate one of the committee’s program, namely the Dahana Employee Innovation Competition (Link Dahana). This competition is very useful for individuals, companies and the nation,” said Wildan Widarman.