Thursday, 25 July 2019, Prima Daya Migas Cooperative, again sent members for a training at the Energetic Material Center (EMC) PT DAHANA (Persero), ini Subang. 30 participants were involved in the visit. They were representatives from many oil and gas plants.

PT DAHANA (Persero) is familiar to them as the state-owned enterprise was supplier of Seismic explosive and Shaped Charges in oil and gas industry. During the visit, they had the opportunity to directly see the Seismic explosives production process. But they could not see the Shaped Charges plant.

It is normal for the visitors to question about the Shaped Charges plant, just like what Andri Dwi Irawan, a visitor, did.

“In Tasikmalaya, I saw the Shaped Charges plant. Is there one here in Subang?” he asked.
Since the day DAHANA was moved from Tasikmalaya to Subang, in 2017 all of the Tasikmalaya explosive manufacturing plants were removed. The Shaped Charges was the last plant standing before everything was closed down.

Rudiawan Lukman, DAHANA’s Project Manager for Shaped Charges told Dfile that Shaped Charges manufacturing plant was not in existence yet in Subang.

“We are looking for partners, just like the one we had in Tasikmalaya. Land for that purpose is available. We will start constructing the plant once we find a partner,” Said Rudiawan to Dfile. (25/7/2019)
Rudi also informed that DAHANA had met with some potential partners for technology, however, for some reasons, no commitments had been made yet.

“We are going to have a talk with another company. I hope it will be a positive talk and bring benefit to Dahana,” he concluded. (sya)