Dahana Campus has attracted many. Since its establishment in 2012 in the Regency of Subang, DAHANA Campus has been a magnet to both practitioners and academicians for information and knowledge on explosives.

Visits to DAHANA are not only made by civilians but also by the military. Like that day, ten students of Technical Training Section of Suryadarma Airbase in Kalijati paid a visit to Dahana from 23 to 24 Juli 2019.

Sukarma,technical training section commander said that the students where there at DAHANA Campus to learn from DAHANA. They were air force soldiers who were attending the Basic Vocational Course for Soldiers on Explosives.

“They are first batch students who are studying in our 4-months course program, and today’s visit to DAHANA is part of the training program,” Said Sukarma.

During their stay in Dahana they will get some training materials on both commercial and military explosives and witness some explosive blasting tests. (sya)