The Certified Student Internship Program (CISP) at PT DAHANA (Persero) has started. 19 students from 7 different colleges in Indonesia are now officially members of the internship that will last for 6 months during which they will demonstrate their potential and get the experience of working in PT DAHANA which is of the country’s State-owned Enterprises manufacturing explosives.
CSIP is the program under Indonesian Human Capital Forum (IHCF), which is originally intended to implement of the State-owned Enterprises Ministry’s program. Namely BUMN Hadir Untuk Negeri. The student’s internship is expected to give wide impact on improvement of students’ insight and competence. With the certificate of competence to be given at the end of the program, students will be ready for stepping into the real work especially in dealing with the global work

As to the college, the program can serve as calibration for curriculum link and match and intermediary syllabus of college curriculum and the industrial needs, as mentioned earlier by Herdy Herman, Chief of IHCF. For the industry, this program can be benefitted as one of tailor-made recruitment scheme as well as a way of improving the Company’s branding.
The program is positively responded by some colleges, among others by Universitas Subang (Unsub), which sent 6 students to the CSIP. One of the accompanying lecturers, Nuraeni, said that the internship program usually takes only three months and done in-house or in DAHANA. Nuraeni said the CSIP, under the State-owned Enterprise offer different things.

“Our students do the internship at DAHANA, usually for three months. But this time it is for one semester. It is out hope that this will add to the students competence and better knowldged on the industry,” she explained.
According to Nuraeni, CSIP is an excellent student’s development. The experience and certificate they get will add to the students’ self-confidence when they step into the real work one day” (SYA)