In end of January 2019. PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Management organized Meeting for Description of 2019 Company’s Budget and Work Plan. The meeting was attended by DAHANA’s top management and to management levels. The meeting was held at DAHANA’s Workshop and Training Campus in Subang 31 January and 1 February 2019.

This Company Budget and Wrok Plan Meeting was 18th meeting, which was also meant to anticipate the new theme ‘Creating New Business Cycles to Reach Sustainable Growth’. Wildan Widarman, Chief of Committee of the meeting said that the theme was the result of analysis on DAHANA recent condition and the respective market condition mapping.

“Talking about company’s life cycle, we have the four related stages, namely introduction, growth, maturity and finally decline. Owing to its 52 years of age and experience, Dahana is now in the maturity stage” Said Wildan.

It is during this stage, said Wildan, that the Company should take more precaution as the market may go stagnant while competition grows resulting from emergence of new players in the industry.
Business competition is just like a battle. Consumers take the most advantage as they have a variety of choice and therefore they naturally have higher bargaining power. Fluctuating price of coal and other commodities makes customers turn more into their production efficiency and effectiveness and therefore they become more price sensitive.

Through the Meeting, the corporate strategies made by the top management were elaborated for introduction into each of departments’ and divisions’ level. The policies will also be applied to the lowest level to make it possible to identify small issues and things that might bring big impacts to the company. Strategic initiatives and program will then be created in order to reach and achieve the Company’s target.

“The designated strategies should not be excellent only on paper. We must be able to materialize them into performance execution excellence to reach excellent performance,” said The Chief of Committee.

Adding to what the Chief said, Rizky Ferianto, DAHANA’s commissioners said while opening the meeting that the Company’s Budget and Work Plan is very important”
According to Rizky, there are three crucial issues in response to the Company’s Budget and Work Plan, namely ‘efficiency’, ‘openness’ and ‘coordination. The three issues should be paid attention to make sure that the targets have been aligned to the strategies specified at the Company’s Budget and Work Plan,” he explained.

“It will be good if we make a quarterly evaluation to so that we can have a whole year evaluation of progress of our target,” said Rizky Ferianto.

Improved Target of 2019

PT DAHANA (Persero)’ Meeting for Description of Company’s Budget and Work Plan came with improved targets as mentioned by Bambang Agung, Director of Operation during his directive speech. .

According to Bambang Agung, at the end of 2018, DAHANA recorded an improvement of 20% of Company’s Budget and Work Plan 2018 compared to the original target. “Our revenue was 118% of target, while gross profit was 109% of target,” said Bambang Agung.

“As for 2019, the shareholders required that DAHANA get full target with revenue of 2.019 trillion with the net profit of 185 billion,” he added. (sya)