On Friday, January 8, 2018, PT DAHANA (Persero) Campus in Subang entertained students from Defence University (Unhan) who came on a study visit. They are nine students from graduate program of Energy Security.

Their visit to DAHANA Campus aimed to enrich insights and knowledge on explosives industry run by DAHANA. They put an interest as Budi Antono, DAHANA’s President Director, once became a guest lecturer at Unhan.

“When he was a guest lecturer, he talked about DAHANA too, which sparked our interest to come and learn about the industry from here,” said Basuki Pamungkas, one of the students during his visit to DAHANA (4/1/2018).

Basuki also said that his visit to the DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) Area is also related to the course he is taking at Unhan, thus by paying a visit to Subang, he can have direct interaction.

“One of our courses is Energy Supports Defence, Defence Supports Energy, and DAHANA is one of defence industries that indirectly supports energy security program,” he explained.

To Dfile, he expressed his interest in the concept, program, and road map of industry owned by DAHANA. “Overall, this is interesting, an interesting industry, a specific one, I can say this is a military industry,” said Bambang, who is a professional in electronics.
“DAHANA needs to work hard, and the government should also support DAHANA’s program presented to us. The concept and road map is top notch. Now we see how the government responds and realizes it,” he explained.

As an academician, he also expected that DAHANA and Unhan can continue to collaborate where the academic sector can contribute and suggest ideas to be developed in the campus and applied in DAHANA. (SYA)