PT DAHANA again held the Tuesday Move On (TMO) program. It is an internal communication activity to provide up-to-date company information and a space for sharing employee experiences for DAHANA’s progress. This time TMO is collaborating with the Dahana Millennial Community who are members of YES (Youth ExploSives) and was held online through a zoom meeting on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

The event, which was hosted by Tegar Pangestu Roberto, PT DAHANA’s Corcom, raised a sharing session with Millennials Youth ExploSives on the topic of a healthy walk with SOEs which was held a few months ago. PT DAHANA was assigned to organized healthy walks with several other SOEs in 11 regencies in Kalimantan and Sulawesi for the anniversary of the Indonesian Ministry of SOEs.

“During this event, Youth ExploSives shared experiences, stories, and even potential aspects for DAHANA’s business in these areas, such as those who took part in healthy walking activities in Southeast Sulawesi, where we know there is potential for nickel mining there,” said Mr Roberto.

In this event, information about the Company’s activities was also conveyed, including preparations for the Company’s Anniversary. This year, DAHANA will hold its 57th anniversary event under the theme of “Building Resilience Through Innovation”. Until now, opportunities for all employees to participate in the 57th Anniversary Logo Contest is still open until June 7, 2023.

In addition, Mr Roberto also added that DAHANA will take part in BUMN FEST 2023 activities by participating in several sports such as badminton and table tennis.

“Meanwhile, this June, the distribution of sacrificial animals will be held. The plan is that on June 28 the Company will distribute the sacrificial animals to villages around DAHANA. Slaughter and distribution of the sacrificial animals be held at the Nursery on June 30, 2023,” Mr Roberto said

Then the event continued with remarks from the Head of Youth ExploSives, Adella Acqha Vico Addina who discussed DAHANA’s millennial experiences in Health Walks with SOEs several months ago, in various regions in Indonesia. Miss Addina also hoped that the participants will be able to give input regarding the Company’s opportunities at the locations of Healthy Walks with SOEs.

“We are very grateful for the participation of millennials in Health Walks with SOEs. Millennials can directly see the conditions of people in remote areas of Indonesia, are involved in collaborations with other SOEs, and can learn about opportunities for developing DAHANA’s business lines in these areas,” said Miss Addina.