PT DAHANA conducted the initial blasting at the PT Bengalon Limestone mining site on May 16, 2023. This blasting is the first step of the mining activities in the area of Selangkau, Kaliorang, East Kutai, East Kalimantan Province.

The blasting process by DAHANA complied with the work procedures that had been tested at other jobsites. The stages of detonation included extraction of the explosives, mixing ammonium nitrate (AN) with diesel fuel, transportation of the explosives to the blasting location, priming, filling of the explosives into the explosive holes, assembly according to plan, detonation, and post-blasting checks. During the process DAHANA performed all procedures by paying attention to safety aspects in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, while giving serious attention to the quality of work.

“DAHANA provides services that include blasting services and supply of explosives. The products used in this blasting are DANFO, Dayagel Extra, and Dayadet Non Electric Detonators. The results of the blasting received a good response from PT Bengalon Limestone, where the preparation of blasting work, permits, and execution of blasting to completion rewarded them with satisfaction according to their expectations,” said Setio Budhianto, GM of Quarry & Construction Division of PT DAHANA in Jakarta (05/06 ).

Mr Budhianto said that in this blasting activity, DAHANA provided explosives supply and blasting services for PT Bengalon Limestone for mining activities, and to PT Kobexindo Cement for construction activities. The two consumers are subsidiaries of the Hongshi Group, a leading cement producer from China which is known for its cement brand ‘Singa Merah’.

In the first blasting at PT Bengalon Limestone, DAHANA has succeeded in dealing with various challenges. This was disclosed by Ryan Noverie Pasoreh, Senior Manager of Quarry Sector Operations of PT DAHANA’s Quarry & Construction Division.

Remote locations and limited facilities are a separate obstacle that requires tough personnel with high cruising range. However, under PT DAHANA team’s expertise and experience, these challenges could be overcome properly.

Mr Pasoreh also explained that DAHANA encountered various other challenges such as limited space at the mining site which is still relatively narrow and close to mining facilities including site offices and factory facilities.

“However, thanks for the experience and capabilities of DAHANA team that was represented by teams at PT Semen Baturaja and PT Semen Tonasa, these obstacles could be properly overcome. A good blasting pattern has been implemented to control vibrations and prevent fly-rocks from occurring which could endanger nearby facilities,” said Mr Pasoreh.

During this blasting, DAHANA used its flagship products, such as AN mixed with diesel fuel, Dayagel Extra, Dayadet surface delay, and Dayadet inhole delay. The quality of DAHANA’s products has been proven to be provide satisfactory blasting results.

DAHANA’s excellent performance in the initial blasting at PT Bengalon Limestone received positive responses from consumers. According to Setio Budhianto, they were satisfied with the performance of the DAHANA team in the field, including the satisfactory results of the blasting.

“Consumers also feel comfortable with DAHANA because of the guaranteed continuity of the supply of explosives and the Company’s compliance with good mining principles. DAHANA managed to complete the work without any problems so consumers could sleep soundly and be sure that their project was in safe hands,” he added.

Representing the management, Mr Budhianto also expressed his appreciation to all the teams in the field for their performance and hard work at the Semen Singa Merah-Bengalon Jobsite Project. DAHANA’s management really appreciated the dedication and professionalism shown by the workers’ excellent performance of the duty.

Apart from that, DAHANA also hoped to continue to maintain good performance at the Semen Singa Merah-Bengalon jobsite. DAHANA is committed to increasing consistency in providing the best quality blasting services, prioritizing safety aspects, and implementing good mining principles. Owing to such quality, Mr Pasoreh hoped that DAHANA will continue to be a trusted partner for the Hongshi Group by taking a role in the supply of explosives and blasting services at other subsidiaries, including those in Jember, East Java, and at the new IUP location in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province.