DAHANA again held an internal relations program under title Tuesday Move On (TMO) to strengthen the relationship among employees and disseminate the latest information from the company. This time the TMO, which was held online on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, so that employees from all Dahana’s work areas could participate.


This time, the millennial duo Aulia Syifa and Tegar Roberto were appointed to host the event. Both of them conveyed updates about Dahana, one of which was about the change in the management of Youth ExplosiveS (Yes) for Dahana’s millennial forum.

Adella Acqha Vico Addina was appointed as chairman replacing the previous chairman, Deya Nadya Kemalasari.


“The new management will try to make creative programs that which be useful for the company. In addition, we will also collaborate with the millennial community of other Defense Industry SOEs,” said Adella.


In addition to information about millennials, there are also updates about DAHANA, which is currently a member of the Defense Industry Holding. On March 2022, there will be the signing ceremony and submission of the capital authorization deed at the Ministry of SOEs. Other information related to DAHANA’s activities during the commemoration of Occupational Health and Safety. DAHANA has successfully launched the Occupational Health and Safety application which has the function of reducing reporting inconsistencies, increasing reporting participation, and mobilizing collective action in the field of K3L (Occupational Health, Safety and Environment) .


“Meanwhile, the Military Explosives Research and Development Team has also succeeded in developing the Smokeless Propellant Rocket product which has just been tested in Lumajang, East Java. This rocket is the first Indonesian innovation; it is capable of thrusting without smoke,” said Aulia.


While enjoying lunch at their respective places, the participants competed in the quiz aired by the committee. The quiz contained questions about the company to help the DAHANA’s employees taking part in the TMO to get more knowledge about DAHANA.