In support to the younger generation in the Defense Industry, the SOEs Defense Industry Holding which was just officially formed with following the submission of the Capital Authorization Deed to PT Len Industri (Parent Holding), also launched the Defense Industry millennial community, namely Young Defend. The Young Defend launch event was held on the occasion of Capital Authorization Deed submission which was held in a hybrid manner from the Republic of Indonesia’s SOEs Ministry Office, and the zoom meeting, on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

This community was inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of SOEs I, Pahala Nugraha Mansury. In his message, Mr Mansury hoped that millennials could be the driving force for an excellent work culture.

“I also hope that all my millennial colleagues apply the concept of ‘stay young, stay foolish and stay hungry. Don’t be complacent with your current achievements,” Mr Mansury said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Young Defend, Rusyadie Azhar Harahap said in his speech that Young Defend has the tagline Stay Young, Be Strong. ‘Stay Young’ means that Young Defend comprises of optimistic, creative, innovative and dynamic young people with a positive view, and are always in line with Defend ID mission; while ‘Be Strong’ means that Young Defend will be in tune with Defend ID’s vision to become a defense industry that is advanced, strong, independent, competitive and at the forefront of the global market. “It is, of course, it is supported by Millennial Resources who are ready in the Defense Industry,” said Mr Harahap

On the occasion of the launch of Young Defend, Millennial Talks were also held under the theme “The Defend ID Women’s Millennials Gait and Collaboration”. Despite the fact that the Defense Industry is normally considered a male-dominated business, according to the GM Human Capital Organization & Culture Development of PT Len Industri (Persero), Rastina Anggraini, Defend ID ensures that there is no gender discrimination in the recruitment and promotion process.

“As part of Defend ID’s HR Transformation which makes Millennials, especially women, the drivers of change and strengthening the Core Value of AKHLAK, the SOEs has set performance targets for Defense Industry SOEs with a target of young leadership at 54% and women at 18.3%. This is also indicated by the increasing number of female leaders in Defend ID,” said Mrs Anggraini.

Meanwhile, Nur Annisa Istiqomah, Manager of Performance, Career, Talent and Knowledge Management at PT Dirgantara Indonesia, suggested that Defend ID millennial collaboration be focused on joint projects, such as shared services in the fields of information technology, human resources, legal, and so on, and also collaborate in the areas of operations and business innovation development. She also suggested that there should be cross-coaching of Defend ID millennial talents with Senior Top Leaders in the Defend ID SOEs Holding.

Complementing Miss Istiqomah, Manager of IT Planning & Analysis of PT Pindad Dianing P. Rahayu, submitted a proposal for collaboration in the form of innovation for the products and services of each involved SOE. She also proposed an inter-company internship and mentoring program to understand each other’s SWOT management developed by each member of Defend ID.

Emira Noor Shakinah Oktavia, Head of the Jakarta Representative Office of PT PAL Indonesia hoped that the millennial generation will be given the opportunity to try, participate, and prove their abilities. She also wished to have the opportunity to make joint decisions in determining strategic matters inside and outside the company.

 “We hope that we will receive full support from Top Management in development and be given the freedom to express ideas and insights, as well as gain the knowledge sharing to make sure that the knowledge gaps can be minimized. We also hope that Young Defend can serve as an accelerator and facilitator of innovation and creativity of young people, by providing continuous coaching and mentoring,” added Anggaria Maharani, Manager of Commercial Engineering & Applications at PT DAHANA.