SUBANG – Participants of Blaster Class I (KJL) visited the DAHANA Subang Campus on Tuesday, 27 September 2022. This visit was part of improvement of knowledge on blasting management in Mineral Mining in a series of Education and Training programs held by the Center for Human Resource Development of Geology, Mineral and Coal of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (PPSDM Geominerba).

PT DAHANA’s Vice President of Energetic Material Center (EMC), Benny Gunawan welcomed the visit of KJL participants. Mr Gunawan said that DAHANA’s Central Management Office (Campus) is always open to education for prospective explosives managers. Benny also gave some explanation about the DAHANA’s explosives products.

“Welcome, fellow Blasting Training participants. As the name implies, DAHANA’s Campus or Central Management Office is always open to anyone who wish to learn about explosives, whether academics, researchers, the army or course participants. Currently, DAHANA has production facilities which are  arguably the most complete in the Southeast Asia region. Hopefully this can help fellow blaster trainees,” said Mr Gunawan.

PT DAHANA has long been known as the training center for making reliable blasters and explosives. DAHANA’s production facility is dubbed as the most complete explosives facility in Southeast Asia. Within the EMC area, there are several factories, warehouses, and other complementary explosives facilities.

Since last April, DAHANA has officially a member of the holding of the Indonesian Defense Industry SOEs (DEFEND ID) along with four other SOEs. While expanding its business in the military field, DAHANA remains a prominent provider of related commercial services, which has become the biggest source of income for the center of Indonesian explosives company.

This was acknowledged by Yudiana Hidayat, a trainer at PPSDM Geominerba with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia. Mr Hidayat said that the collaboration between PPSDM and DAHANA is a strategic one. He admitted that working with DANANA has been very helpful, especially in terms of provision of dummy of explosive products.

“We thank DAHANA, as based on a survey we conducted on KJL alumni, KJL Education and Training graduates have proven to be performing better. Previously they had only received material exposure without on-hand experience. So far, it is DAHANA that has provided dummy explosives and direct factory visits. We hope that this collaboration will continue for the progress of Indonesia,” concluded Mr Hidayat.

Information :

Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications