SUBANG – Students of Demolition Course of the Indonesian Army’s Special Forces Education and Training Center (Pusdiklatpassus) visited PT DAHANA in order to get more knowledge and experience about explosive products. The group of students were welcome by the Vice President of the Energetic Material Center (EMC) of DAHANA, Benny Gunawan, at the Dahana Subang Campus on Monday, September 26, 2022.

 In his remarks, Mr Gunawan said that the DAHANA’s current existence cannot be separated from the Indonesian Armed Forces since the former’s establishment began with the Air Force’s Menang Project, which is incorporated in the Defense Industry BUMN Holding (DEFEND ID). DAHANA has always maintained good relations with the national defense authority.

 “Apart from that,  DAHANA’s central management office is also always available to anyone from academics, practitioners, to the Indonesia’s Armed Forces, as a center for learning together and increasing knowledge, and experience,” said Mr Gunawan.

Mr Gunawan added  that President Joko Widodo, during in the inauguration of DEFEND ID, mandated that the state-owned defense industry should become the engine to realize the independence of the Main Weapon System Equipment (Alutsista) and the Defense and Security Equipment Tool (Alpalhankam). DAHANA continues to develop superior products in the defense sector.

 Several defense product innovations manufactured by DAHANA include DAHANA’s Bomb P Series which consists of Bomb P 100 Live, Bomb P 250 Live, and Bomb P 500 Live. Defense Rocket Series, such as Rhan 122B, Rhan 450 along with rocket launcher vehicles, smokeless rockets, propellants, anti-tank Weapons, to the latest DAHANA is now in the process of perfecting its munition loitering product

 This was welcomed by Major Inf. Eko Hardianto as the Commander of the Special Command Troop’s Specialization School. Major Hardianto said that PT DAHANA’s products and innovations have special meaning for the Indonesia’s Air Forces, while according to Defense Minister Prabowo, Indonesia needs the independence of Alutsista to meet the need of good the national defense.

 “We should be proud because PT DAHANA is the largest explosives factory in Southeast Asia. This is extraordinary, and we wish PT DAHANA more success and progress. It is in line with the Ministry of Defense policy that was conveyed during the Defense Minister’s visit to Batujajar,” said Major Hadianto.  

After attending the presentation about DAHANA’s explosives products, 20 students participating in the demolition specialist course had the opportunity to visit DAHANA’s explosives factory, which is located in the Energetic Material Center area.

Information :

Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications